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  • Enjoy an established community with mature vegetation and common areas replete with a wide variety of tropical species including:

    • Glorious Queen Palms, Bougainvillea, Foxtail Ferns, Split Leaf Philodendron, Live Oaks, Slash Pines, Coconut Palms, Wild Palmetto,  Sabal Palms, Royal Poinciana Trees, Hong Kong Orchids

  • Short and long-term funded landscape  projects

  • High-quality standards keep the community
    looking exceptional. Homeowners personalize their homes with garden or porch-like courtyards and  may submit requests for other landscaping or back yard patio enhancements.

  • Landscape maintenance-free living: Residents  properties include HOA managed & maintained, in-ground irrigation systems and year-round  professional landscape maintenance services.

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